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Community Outreach/Recruitment and Retention

Responsible for organizing different health fairs in the community, keep copies of volunteer sign up sheets, send original sign up sheet to scholarship committee chair. 


Responsible for ensuring there is an educational speaker at every meeting, ensuring that CEUs are provided and documented per BRN rules. Additionally, they are responsible for room set up and obtaing a sponsor for meetings.


Committee members are responsible for reviewing scholarships applications and deciding which applicants will be awarded scholarships. The Chair will be responsible for sending out scholarship application to area schools, reviewing scholarship applications, and coordinating of scholarship committee members. Additionally the chair will contact all applicants of the decision of the committee via email/phone and US mail no later than 7 days from the date of selection.

Scholarship Dinner

Responsibilities include organizing annual dinner in November, ensuring that all potential sponsors and members are contacted regarding their support, and making all the arrangements, and contact regarding the event. The Chair will be responsible for coordinating and delegating members, and call the necessary meetings.


Shall coordinate phone call and mailings to members. Shall be responsible for the SDNAHN cell phone, and update member roster and contact list.

Nomination Committee

Responsible for running the election of officers. Committee will accept nominations for open offices, send out ballots, count votes, and announce new officers.


Updates website on a regular basis.
Paloma Garza 

If interested in joining any of these standing committees please contact us at
Volunteers are always welcome!